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Felling trees is not always as easy as it sounds.  Confined spaces with nearby buildings can make the taking down and removal of a tree a complicated business. 

We always carry out a comprehensive risk assessment to minimise the possibility of collateral damage, in order that our clients are aware of any potential dangers and are in a position to make an informed decision. 

Pleshey Tree services is a highly specialist firm and has invested in rigging equipment and training to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell.

Every care is taken to ensure that the process is sound and we are justifiably proud of our safety record and confident that we can meet your needs.



An aspect of the same garden before, during and after the felling of a large dominating tree.

Standard Specification for Tree Works,
Definition notes taken from 1996 Arboricultural Association -

Pollarding is described as the removal of all tree growth of a tree back to the main stem to the height above the ground specified in the schedule of works, with the objective of producing a quantity of vigorous shoots from the bole. P
Tree Felling is defined as the cutting down of a tree or shrub to a point as close to ground level as is reasonably practical to leave a stump. TF
Crown Thinning is described as the removal of a proportion of the small secondary live woody growth (in addition to weak, damaged, dead, crossing or duplicated branches and soft growth) to reduce the leaf area of the canopy by the percentage, or to the intensity stated in. the schedule of works. CT
Crown Reduction shall be defined as the reduction of the complete outline dimension of the canopy, from the tips of the limbs and branches towards the main trunk, by pruning growth to an appropriately sized lateral branch, twig or bud to leave a flowing silhouette. In addition all soft growth from the tree's trunk shall be removed from those trees being subject to a crown reduction. CR
Crown Shaping is defined as the shaping of the canopy in one particular dimension, be that width (in one particular direction) or height but not both, by pruning growth to an appropriately sized lateral branch, twig or bud. CS
Balancing the Crown is defined as the performance of various tree works to lessen the visual impact of the work specified in the schedule of works. For example, when the schedule requires that the tree's crown be shaped by the removal of a specified limb then the contractor should be sympathetic to the complete outline of the canopy, or to the silhouette of the tree and as an example, reduce the length of the immediately adjacent branches. CB
Branch Removal is defined as the removal of a discrete and complete part of the tree's structure, be that epicormic growth or a part of the crown. Branch removal may include the removal of twigs, epicormic growth, branches or limbs. BR
Crown Lifting shall be defined as the removal of all soft growth and branches or parts thereof within limits prescribed by the schedule of works which are below or which extend below the height specified in the permission schedule, crown lifting may result in the canopy base being not at one single level but stepped to allow for different clearances, for example where a tree overhangs both a footway and a road where different height clearances are required. CL
Formative Pruning is defined as the pruning of the aerial growth of a tree in its youth to result in an appearance considered typical for the species or variety of tree concerned. The object of formative pruning is to produce a clean stemmed tree and the establishment of a good branch structure and canopy by the removal of a number of small branches leaving therefore only small, quickly occluding wounds. Root pruning may also be undertaken as part of formative pruning. FP
Cleaning Out is defined as the removal of dead, dying or diseased branchwood, broken branches, or stubs left from previous tree surgery operations together with all unwanted objects, which may include fungal fruit bodies, ivy and/or other climbing plants, nails, redundant cable bracing, rope swings. CO
Dead-wooding is defined as the removal from the tree of dead, dying or diseased branchwood, broken branches or stubs left from previous tree surgery operations and from within any cavities within the tree. DW


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